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  • 2015Besiktas - first football club to sign eSports team

    January 21, 2015 – club management has taken a risky step first time in the eSports and traditional sports history. That day a League of Legends was signed by Besiktas FC. 

  • 2015Wolfsburg

    The cybersports page in the history of the German club has been opened on May 21, 2015 when Wolfsburg has reached the agreement with Benedict “Salz0r” Zaltser, the four-time FIFA champion of Germany. 

  • 2016West Ham

    The only acquisition of West Ham is Sean “Dragonn” Allen acting in FIFA discipline. His main achievement — the second place in FIFA Interactive World CUP 2016.

  • 2016Schalke 04

    Perhaps, the loudest transfer in the cybersports market was carried out by the management of Schalke 04. The management did not begin to look for free or perspective players in FIFA, but has chosen the most popular game in the world — League of Legends.

  • 2016Sampdoria

    Mattia «Lonewolf92» Guarracino is the six-time champion of Italy, the bronze medal winner of World Cyber Games in 2011.

  • 2016Valencia

    Rumors about signing of League of Legends team were dominating but so far everything was limited to players of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

  • 2016Manchester City

    On July 6 Manchester City has presented their first FIFA player on FIFA. His name was Kieran “Kez” Brown.

  • 2016PSG

    The five-time European League of Legends champion Bora “YellowStar” Kim, FIFA ESWC 2015 champion August “Agge” Rosenmeier and the ascending FIFA French star Lucas “DaXe” Cuillerier are those who will represent PSG on the leading national, European and international eSports tournaments.


  • 2017Partnership with Patriot Legal and ESFU registration

    We express huge gratitude to Patriot Legal helping in registration of Federation of eSports Soccer of Ukraine! Our partners with extensive experience and excellent knowledge of their business will be glad to help everyone on any legal issues!

  • 2017Memorandum between ESFU and Ukrainian Soccer Premier League

    14th of July 2017 – the date when traditional soccer and eSports in Ukraine were starting to build future together. This day two main ogranizations (UPL and ESFU) had signed the memorandum of cooperation. 

  • 2017Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing - FIFA 2017 Interactive World Cup champion

    England’s Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing won the 2017 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) in London this evening.

    He beat Germany’s Kai “Deto” Wollin in the grand final at the Central Hall Westminster, with a score of 7-3 on aggregate.

    That’s despite a nightmare start for England in the FIFA tournament, with four of England’s five players dropping out on day one of the group stages.

    20-year-old Spencer – who plays for Unilad – was presented with his trophy by European Champion and Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit (whose virtual form scored a crucial goal in the final)!

    The Englishman also received a cheque for $200,000 and an invitation to attend FIFA’s annual awards ceremony The Best FIFA Football Awards in London on October 23rd.

  • 2018ESFU participation in the development of cyberfootball in Moldova

    ESFU continues to build international relations. Head of the Federation of Cyberfootball of Ukraine Arseny Salay to become the official curator of the Federation of Cyberfootball of Moldova.

    Starting with the second official cyberfootball championship of Moldova in 2018, begins the close cooperation of two cyber-sport organizations.

    Arseny Salay: “We will jointly increase the Moldovan players’ level in the future”

  • Development of the system of mass virtual sports of Ukraine and virtual football in particular
  • Increase of social awareness of the country’s population about the prospects and opportunities for participation in virtual sports
  • 15 permanent representative offices
  • Cooperation with major Ukrainian and international organizations
  • Partnership with the federations of virtual sports of the CIS countries and Europe (Belarus, Russia, Portugal, France)
  • Team

    Ready to answer all questions regarding partnership and cooperation. Refer to the organization of events, information partnership, consultation on any issues related to virtual football as a type of computer sport.

    Salay<br> Arseniy
    President of the Federation
  • Контакты

    “Obviously, cyberfootball is already becoming a powerful phenomenon that allows itself to shift from the format of one of the types of leisure to a steady and inexorably growing trend in human communications. CyberFootball now already assembles hundreds of thousands of fans, creates idols and legends, becoming a direct competitor to the traditional football
    This is a worthy competition.
    It’s not the future.
    Already true. “

    Rybalka <br> Oleg
    Consultant on Strategic Marketing and Project Development
  • Контакты

    Managing Partner of the “Patriot” Law Firm. I am ready to advise on legal issues from any branch of Ukrainian legislation.

    Bondar <br> Denys
    Legal Consultant
  • Контакты

    Public relations. Coordination, planning and control of content creation. Head of the process of integration of cybersport and standard media.

    Ksonz <br> Miroslav
    PR director
  • 29.04.2018
    Yury Sebov. Development Director of NK Veres Rivne

    Thanks to effective cooperation between our club and ESFU, we could organize the Cyberfootball Veres Cup on a very high level. It was the first time in Ukraine when live broadcast of cyberfootball was made on national television. For us it is the most important that participants and the audience remained happy. This direction is already very popular and the interest will only grow.

  • 29.01.2018
    Anatoliy Misyura. CEO of FC Chernomorets

    I have to mark all our team which was engaged in preparation of the tournament. The final stage of preparation has shown that these people grieve about their business. We were controlling that everything would be covered, even the most slightest questions and less significant moments which can arise on the tournament course. Therefore it is very pleasant that participants and our partners sincerely note: "Yes, guys, you have made this top-class".

  • 26.11.2017
    Alexander Molochnikov. Director for Development of the Belarusian Federation of E-Sports

    On behalf of the Belarusian e-sports federation I would like to thank ESFU for their help in organizing of the FCDB CUP`17 tournament. Without their high professionalism and vast experience, this tournament would not have turned out so bright and memorable.

  • 14.07.2017
    Vernidub Mykola Yuryevich. Senior Specialist, Department of International Relations and Development of UPL

    Esports Soccer Federation of Ukraine are highly qualified specialists in organizing and conducting cyberfootball tournaments. I am grateful to ESFU for the cooperation and assistance in organizing the First Cup UPL on cyberfootball in the framework of the Super Cup of Ukraine 2017 in Odessa.

  • 29.11.2017
    Miguel Angelo Dinis. World's Chief Esports Football Referee

    Dear Arseniy Salay and ESFU,
    It was a pleasure to be a part of this first event that you and FC Dynamo Brest created. With my long experience in World Championships (WCG, FIWC, ESWC, XBOX Cup) and National events in Portugal, as a player, organizer or referee, and since this was a first edition, I can say it surprised me in all manners.

  • Biruk Dmitry, CEO & Founder - Info Craft, Recenzent

    ESFU is a team that is capable of really efficiently and effectively organizing cybercafe tournaments both on a regional and international scale. Always happy with joint projects.